The cattery was registered in MFA
system in 07.07.08
number of registration is 403/RU
» Maine-coon » cattery Royal legacy

 maine coons of Royal legacy`s cattery

Our maine-coon cattery is situated between Asia and Europe near Ural Mountains, in the city Ekaterinburg. In winter our cats live in spacious apartment, in summer all family moves to a summer residence with russian called «dacha».

our photogallary

  • To tell that maine-coons differ from other cats – means, to tell nothing. They are simply different. They are not aggressive, are not vindictive, they are very clever and observant, active and playful, carry out all rules got in the house, and possess natural "melodiousness" of a voice. They easily remember their name. Maine-coons are intelligent to a tip of moustaches: they never steal meal from a table. They don’t like to sit on hands and every time remind: I am a beautiful cat, but wild.
  • aine-coons and other animals get on absolutely easy. It is enough to tell about that before occurrence of Asya (our maine-coon) in our house we have lodged a Bob-tail  Gendarme and  cat that we have saved from hunger and death-Kristy. The Gendarme and Kristy lived on dacha, ate and slept together, the dog protected a cat from uninvited enemies. When Asya appeared Krista pouted and in a pointed manner hissed during  three days. She had an uneasy childhood and she doesn’t want to divide her food with somebody else. But maine-coons possess rare coolness. Asya has simply ignored aggression of Kristy. She behave herself so as if she had lived in our apartment all life. And here in a diet except a dry feed have suddenly appeared meat, fish, hen, eggs, milk and our Kristy has understood that there has come paradise. Now cats live like sisters. They play, licked, fight, eat together. For sleeping each of them have a favorite place: short-haired Kristy sleeps on a wooden window sill with heating. And long-haired Asya sleeps in the feet of my husband’ bed (here after all made up!) or on a rug at a balcony.

If you have a summer residence or you live in a country house for the maintenance of main-coons it is necessary to build an open-air cage. What for the open-air cage is necessary? If  your  territory is well protected and you are sure that your cats wouldn’t  run away through a fence and wouldn’t escape to frighten trustful people with their wild beauty in this way you don’t need a cage. Our dacha does not have any fences. It is wonderful from the point of view of a landscape, but is inadmissible for the reason of safety of our cat. Wild cats, dogs, polecats, dishonorable people – all of them represent danger to your pets and consequently better to place them on the protected territory. Having visited numerous sites of maine-coon catteries in Germany, you will find out detailed photos of construction of open-air cage. As a rule, it is a small  house covered from  wind and  rain, a platform for games, with a watering place or even a small reservoir, adaptations for climbing from natural materials. The cage must be enclosed by a grid both sideways, and from above.