The cattery was registered in MFA
system in 07.07.08
number of registration is № 403/RU
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Ladyes of Royal legacy cattery


Glorias Terra Dikaja Orhideja  MCO  f 2409  was born 26.07.2010 in  moscow cattery


Orhideja is very attractive girl!  4 World Champions in Pedigree! Thank you, Marina, for this  beauty!

 pedigree & more photos  

                Glorias Terra Dikaja Orhideja

                                         TGCh  TICA  the best maine coon f2403  2013 TICA                            Ch  WCF 


    Libertypride  Shagane   MCO  f 2209  was born  in  russian cattery in Tumen city


   all photos & pedigree
       Libertypride  Shagane  


Salexcoon Hayden PP  MCO n22   was born 18.10.12г    


                 Salexcoon Hayden PP

                                                   all photos   



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