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Kittens of Royal legacy


We have good kittens with exellent pedigree! We have air transporting kittens by  direct airbus to big airports of Europe & Chine & Tailand.

Please see photos of kitten on russian page of this website.  Click here.    

Unique cat « in mittens»! Do you look for an unique cat?  

Attention!  We have only one  free kitten a maine coon polidactil . A unique cat Royallegacy Pontiac PP.

Good  color!  black classic tabby with white.

This mail have 6 fingers on each pad!  Excellent weight, long tail. All veterinary certificate.  The kitten large and charismatic, will be big as  his father Royallegacy Picasso PP    .

You hurry to get a nature miracle: a cat « in mittens» ! 

We can aviadelivery  to Peking     , Harbin 哈爾, Changchun     .

A kitten have pedigree TICA if you have  breeding. 

 My phone +7-950-6444-515  (Viber  WhatsApp). 

My e-mail:

 I will send more photos on your demand.   

My name is  Margarita, I am owner of cattery. 



If you wish to get a maine-coon kitten

There must be thin psychological contact between maine-coon and his muster. I have already said that these cats differ from other. Between the owner and a cat there should be a full emotional compatibility at subconscious level. Such thin communication helps to feel your cat and to understand it better. Maine-coon kittens can’t be get away from mother before three and a half months. This time is minimum necessary for a kitten to grow a little, to get stronger and  to receive from mother first lessons of a life: how to eat, use the cat's toilet, how to sharpen claws. Besides, this time is necessary for full vaccination. 3,5-4 months are very tender age, and moving the child from mother is always stress. For successful adaptation of a kitten in the new house it is necessary for you to think and consider in advance all recommendations about the organization of vital space, feeding and contact with a kitten. Maine-coon is very mobile and social cat, and for high-grade development (to grow large and powerful) it is necessary not only a special rich food (ask your cattery owner), but also vital space, and your direct live contact.  As it sad on forums: “the Maine-coon  should  have "mountain" and "hole". The “mountain” is the place from which main-coon could see all family and “hole” is a place in which maine-coon  feels himself protected end will be invisible for everyone.

Also a cat needs a place where it can practice in jumping, climbing, sharpen claws. it’s seems that  decision is thought up it is a cat house. But because of the maine-coon sizes, the assortment of "the cat's small houses» from our animal-shops approaches them only at children's age. So it is necessary to buy the house specially for maine-coon,  to order by the catalogue or to make independently.

Maine-coon can’t leave for a long time alone, it is very social  and becomes attached to the owner very much. That is why it is not write to leave this cat alone for a long time, loneliness make it boring and melancholy. Any animal in a family should appear in consent and joint desire of all members of a family. Especially the maine-coon. So before you will make this serious step, think twice, is everyone in your family really want to have such cat and are they ready to carry responsibility for it. And if yes – then in a way! Searching  your kitten.